Introduction to My Journey With Dogs

by | Aug 11, 2021


My name is Anthony De Marinis, a Long Island based certified behavior consultant and dog trainer.

This blog is a place for my stories, observations and my journey with dogs. I named this blog after my dog Journey, because he is taking me on a journey. He has introduced me to the world of sheep herding, agility, working and sport dogs, applied ethology and much more.

Journey was named after my dog Gerber, who took me on a journey. Gerber was a very special dog who had serious behavior issues. He is the reason I now specialize in working with dogs who display aggressive behavior and other serious behavior issues.

Furthermore, I have named this blog, My Journey With Dogs, because I truly value this current journey that I am on, on so many levels. Our dogs can be our teachers if we allow them to be and if we listen to all they are saying. My journey with dogs has brought me to so many places, it has allowed me to meet so many amazing (and interesting) dogs, as well as people.

My dog, Journey, has taken me on quite a journey. From learning agility and sheep herding, to learning about toy play and using toys are reinforcers, and understanding how to clearly communicate with a sport/working dog. He brought joy to my life when I needed it most after loosing Gerber.

My journey with dogs is a continuous story and adventure that continues to open new doors and opportunities. It is a continued journey of learning and growth. Finally, this blog is a journey of all the things I learn from the dogs and the families that have, and continue to have an impact on my life. I look forward to sharing my journey with dogs.

If you would like to learn more about me and what I do, check out my website.

-Anthony De Marinis


Anthony De Marinis

Anthony De Marinis specializes in working with dogs with severe behavior issues, specifically with aggressive behavior. He provides comprehensive in-home and virtual behavior consultations, as well as dog training services across Long Island, NY. (Online Virtual Consultations for aggression and behavior modification are also available for clients who are local and out of state.) Anthony has seven professional certifications which include: Certified Dog Behavior Consultant from the International Association for Animal Behavior Consultants, Accredited Dog Trainer by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Licensed Family Dog Mediator (LFDM), Fear Free Certified Training Professional (FFCP), Certified Graduate of distinction from the Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior, Certified Behavior Adjustment Trainer, and The Third Way Certified Trainer. Anthony currently has an interest in training and behavior modification in Working & Sport bred dogs. He is also learning about and currently competing in agility and sheep herding. Anthony has two Australian Kelpies, Journey and Quest, both of which are training in agility and sheep herding.